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Oyster chowder - Shuck Oysters
Shuck Oysters

Oyster chowder

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This classic, French-style oyster chowder is about as moorish as chowder gets. Potatoes and carrots are gently cooked in a seafood broth before being whizzed until creamy and golden.  After returning to the stove-top, corn is added to the simmering mixture to give a delightful pop of texture and sweetness.

To serve, place three freshly shucked oysters and their precious oyster liquor in the bottom of a warmed bowl, and pour the steaming chowder over them. Finish with a little parsley and cream ,if desired.  Perfection!

Absolutely delicious with a lightly toasted slice or two of Almond Road's organic sourdough bread (see our extras collection to purchase).

Each chowder serving is a generous serve for one, and comes with three live oysters, ready to shuck. 

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