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Top Grade Sydney Rock Oysters (per dozen) - Shuck Oysters
Top Grade Sydney Rock Oysters (per dozen) - Shuck Oysters
Top Grade Sydney Rock Oysters (per dozen) - Shuck Oysters
Shuck Oysters

2 dozen top grade Sydney Rock Oysters

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We source the finest oysters available for our discerning local restaurant customers. Now you can enjoy the very same oysters at home with family or friends.

Sydney Rock Oysters (Saccostrea glomerata) are a native Australian rock oyster. This species has been growing wild on the east coast of Australia for tens of thousands of years. Oyster farming requires no chemical inputs, and is recognised as Australia’s most sustainable form of aquaculture.

When shucking your oysters, be sure to retain as much of the ‘liquor’ (the brine) surrounding the oyster as possible, as this is a delicious part of the flavour experience. (Did you know that pre-shucked oysters are rinsed of all their precious brine before packing for sale – SACRILEGE!!!)

Serving suggestion: to be honest, these oysters are so superb that it would be a crime to do much with them other than shuck and slurp them. But we'll turn the other way if you have a hankering to Kilpatrick them or similar. Hey, it's your house - eat your oysters however you want!

We recommend simply adding a squeeze of lemon and perhaps some black pepper, if you must. A little bread and butter on the side is an absolutely delicious combo.  If you enjoy a sauce with your oysters, try adding either our Classic Mignonette or Japanese Ponzu sauce options.

And don't forget to add a shucking knife - the essential tool to get the job done.  Add one to your order for just $8!

Available washed and ready to shuck.



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