Free to delivery to our convenient collection points
Free to delivery to our convenient collection points
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Here's what some of our oyster-loving online customers have said about Shuck:

The absolute freshest oysters, expertly sourced and curated, guaranteed to be of the highest quality.  We are so blessed to be able to access product that is normally only supplied to the top top restaurants. A real gift.
Simon, Pearce's Creek
Shuck Oysters and the option of enjoying the best quality oysters (truly) of your life makes a strong case for trading fine dining for the same (if not better) experience - at home! The freshness, flavour and quality of Shuck oysters is unparalleled. Most recently, we had the Pacifics and they were so intense - so grateful to have access to this kind of quality and for an easy Friday pick up. 
Dominique, Ocean Shores

There are great oysters, and then there are exceptional oysters, and the oysters from Shuck are beyond exceptional! Lucy’s oysters are always premium, restaurant quality and always as fresh as you will find.  Through Shuck, we have learned to appreciate that there is nothing quite like a freshly shucked oyster. We now have a shucking knife or three at home for when we are ready to eat our Shuck oysters, and enjoy their fresh sea flavour.  We wouldn’t buy any other oysters. 

 Sarah & Mark, Bangalow

Hi Lucy. I just wanted to say the oysters were beautiful! Loved them. Will be ordering many more in the future.

Brandon, Lismore