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Live oysters: Sydney Rock Oysters and Pacific Oysters

Live (unopened) Sydney Rock Oysters and Pacific Oysters, washed and ready to shuck. Selected from some of Australia's best oyster farmers in NSW, South Australia, Queensland and Tasmania.

Storage: Live Sydney Rock Oysters will keep really well after harvest for up to around 14 days with some simple care. Keep them wrapped in something like a damp tea towel in a cool part of your home (like your laundry) and open them as you need them. Don't store them in your fridge - it's too cold for Sydney Rock Oysters but by all means pop them in there maybe half an hour before shucking just to cool them down. 

Live Pacific Oysters on the other hand should be kept in the fridge, as they do like it cold. Store in an airtight container in the fridge until ready to shuck. Pacific Oysters have a shorter shelf life than Sydney Rocks and ideally should be consumed within 5-6 days from harvest.

Shucking: If you've never shucked (opened) an oyster, it's easy - and we have our recommended oyster knife for sale online here for just $8. For instructions please refer to the video on our home page. Once you've shucked your first few and tasted the difference it makes to the eating experience, you'll never go back to pre-shucked oysters!

Special orders: For special orders and quantities not promoted here, please contact us at lucy@shuckoysters.com.au